Apple Watch 7 may fix one of the smartwatch's biggest flaws

Apple Watch 6
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We don’t expect the Apple Watch 7 to dramatically overhaul the design or functionality of its predecessor, though new reports suggest its biggest upgrade could come in the form of an improved battery life.

As per a recent supply chain report from Chinese outlet UDN, the Apple Watch 7 is getting a much thinner ‘S7’ processor which may accommodate a significantly larger battery in the body of the smartwatch. 

At present, no Apple Watch model has impressed us with its battery life. Even the company’s latest iteration, the Apple Watch 6, struggles in this regard, leaving users forced to prioritize overnight charging over useful features like sleep tracking. 

There’s no word yet on what sort of charging speeds might be afforded by a larger battery in the Apple Watch 7, but we’d anticipate – or hope, at least – that the new model only requires charging once every few days.

As for major changes elsewhere on the device, previous reports have indicated that the Apple Watch 7 will be more of a minor upgrade than a significant step forward. Insider sources at Bloomberg claim the upcoming device will boast a faster chipset, for example, but those design modifications will be limited to slightly thinner bezels.

We also expect the Apple Watch 7 to arrive with improved ultra-wideband functionality, the technology used for precise positioning. This allows the smartwatch to track down AirTags, for instance, but we’re not sure how a newer model could improve this existing feature.

Watch this space

Despite some potentially dramatic improvements to battery life, then, we anticipate the Apple Watch 7 will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 13 in becoming a fairly run-of-the-mill upgrade over its predecessor.

Bigger changes are, instead, expected to arrive on later models – potentially the Apple Watch 8. We’ve already heard rumors of a blood sugar-measuring glucometer and body temperature sensor, for example, along with reports of a redesigned rugged body for Apple’s flagship smartwatch. 

We’re fairly certain we won’t be seeing any of these major additions come to the Apple Watch 7, though. In any case, we're expecting all will be revealed at Apple’s annual September event.

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