Apple Pay now supports Monzo to help you spend with your iPhone

Do you have a Monzo account? If you do (and you own an iPhone) you'll be happy to learn the three-year old banking service is now supported by Apple Pay.

Monzo announced the news on its blog and apologized for how long it has taken to get the feature onto Apple's payment service.

Google Pay has supported Monzo for quite some time now, and Monzo said the feature for iPhones has been one of the most requested features so far.

You can either setup your iPhone with Apple Pay through the Wallet app (we have a handy guide on that here) or directly through the Monzo app.

A long time coming

If you open up the Monzo app on your iPhone, it'll now give you an option to add the card directly to your wallet there.

It's not just for your iPhone though - it'll also work with your Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook Pro. To set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, head into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select Wallet & Apple Pay and then Add Credit or Debit Card.

You'll find the option to do the same on your iPad in the Settings and in the System Preferences on your MacBook Pro.

James Peckham

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