Apple AR glasses development hinted at by iPhone component supplier

The rumor mill surrounding Apple’s augmented reality glasses is churning again. This time, Apple supplier Catcher Technology has been talking about the development of AR products, leading to speculation that it is creating frames for the tech giant.

Catcher Technology supplies Apple with the metal casings for iPads, iPhones and Macbooks, and while the comments made below aren’t explicitly about Apple, given the rumors already circulating about 'Apple Glasses', it would be a natural fit.

Speaking to reporters at an earnings conference, Catcher Chairman Allen Horng said: “Based on what we have learned, [new AR products] need to look good and be light enough to wear … that makes the casings for such device very complicated to manufacture and there are still a lot of challenges to overcome currently.”

AR we nearly there yet?

While not exactly promising if you’re hoping to see Apple AR glasses any time soon, it is in line with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments that pointed towards the technology still being a long way off.

While the actual spectacles are clearly far away from any hint of an official reveal, Apple is busy building the framework for when they finally do arrive with AR technology through its iPhone and iPads in the form of the its ARKit

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