Apex Legends finally gets the mode everyone's been asking for - for a limited time

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends is finally getting a Duos mode – but for a limited time only. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced on Twitter that the new Duos mode will launch next week, on November 5, for all platforms. 

Duos mode will allow players to team up with one other player to take on other pairs, much like squads but with less people. Check out Respawn Entertainment's Twitter announcement below:

Highly requested

Players have been requesting a Duos mode in Apex Legends since the game's launch earlier this year; however, don't hold your breath waiting for it to make a comeback after the limited-time end.

To date, we haven't seen any of Apex Legends' limited-time modes become permanent features in the game – but that's not to say it could never happen. It's possible that, if the mode is popular enough, it may become an integral feature.

There's no word yet on how long the Duos mode will be available for, but previous limited-time modes in Apex Legends modes have lasted for around three weeks. And don't worry about how to access Duos – you'll get a free update to your game that will allow you to jump straight in when it becomes available.

Vic Hood
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