Android Oreo beta is now available for the Nokia 8

We already knew the Nokia 8 – along with the rest of the new Nokia range - would be updated to Android Oreo, but now it’s one step closer to happening, as a beta version of Android Oreo has been launched for the handset.

A newly launched service called Nokia phones beta labs allows Nokia 8 users to sign up to beta test Android Oreo software and give direct feedback on their experience.

So if you can’t wait to get Android 8 you can sign up today, but of course being a beta this isn’t the finished software and it might be buggy.

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One step closer to launch

It’s promising news even if you want to wait for the finished version though, as a beta test suggests it’s likely to land soon.

Users of the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 might have longer to wait, as their Oreo versions aren’t yet available in beta, but as the software should be similar we expect they won’t be far behind.

And that’s good news, because Android Oreo is an update that’s worth having, as it speeds up boot times, potentially extends battery life, adds a new picture-in-picture mode to phones and a whole lot more.

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