AMD could be readying a super-cheap GPU to tackle Nvidia’s rumored GTX 1630

ASUS ROG Strix RX 6600 XT GPU shown side-on
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AMD might have a new graphics card planned as a super-cheap GPU, slotting under the current RX 6400, or that’s one theory being bandied about via the rumor mill right now.

This comes from which reported on findings in AMD’s Linux graphics driver (for Linux 5.19) which adds a new device ID for a ‘Beige Goby’ card.

The Beige Goby family is low-end RDNA 2 (current-gen cards) built with the Navi 24 GPU, like the existing RX 6500 XT and RX 6400 graphics cards.

We don’t know for sure what a potential new Navi 24 GPU might be: it could simply be a refresh of an existing model, the RX 6400 arguably, though we’re not sure how much sense it would make to jam another GPU into the line-up here – or it could be an entirely new product.

So one theory as mentioned suggests that AMD could be preparing an RX 6300 model to sit underneath the RX 6400 at an even more wallet-friendly price point.

Plenty of salt must be added at this point, because this is obviously just speculation – the GPU in question could be anything, or indeed nothing, as code being added to a Linux driver hardly represents confirmation that a new product is inbound from Team Red. That said, we have already heard a rumor that an RX 6300 could be happening...

Analysis: Battle of the bargain basement GPUs?

Let’s discuss what this might mean, bearing in mind those caveats. It perhaps makes some sense that AMD could be exploring further options in the budget GPU category if you consider that Nvidia looks to be about to make a move in this space.

Recall the rumors – and again, they’re just rumors – around Nvidia producing a GTX 1630 as a fresh low-end graphics card, perhaps to finally give folks a truly budget-oriented option (speculation contends that the 1630 could turn up in just a couple of days).

AMD could therefore be looking to make a countermove against this purportedly inbound GPU. Looking at the RX 6300M – because yes, a mobile version of the 6300 already exists – the specs of this laptop GPU are considerably weaker than the RX 6400, and so a desktop variant could pursue the same route; which might make it a bit weak sauce for gamers. That said, there are worries this might be the case for the GTX 1630, too…

Ultimately, with no clue as to what any specs might be for the AMD card, we’d be foolish to attempt to draw any comparisons with an also-rumored Nvidia GPU.

We’ll just have to see how this potential budget card battle plays out, but one thing to bear in mind is that given there’s already some disappointment around the power of the desktop RX 6400, expectations around any lower-spec RX 6300 model will naturally be tempered. Also, it’s possible that the 6300 might be OEM-only, too (at least to begin with).

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