Amazon shutting down all service and support for Cloud Cams

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Starting December 2, 2022, Amazon will be dropping all support and service for Cloud Cam devices and accompanying apps.

People first learned about the drop from an email Amazon sent out to customers. A user on the HomeKit subreddit was gracious enough to share the information. Going through the email, the entire video history from your Cloud Cam will be deleted on December 2, but you’ll be able to download the recordings. The Cloud Cam – Key Edition will also lose its functionality to connect to smart locks and manage codes on the final day.  

Amazon states in the email that they would rather focus on their other smart home tech; namely, Ring video doorbells and Blink security cameras. We reached out to Amazon and a spokesperson confirmed the shut-off date, the renewed focus on Ring and Blink, and revealed that people will be able to replace their Cloud Cams. 

In exchange for a Cloud Cam, Amazon will give you a Blink Mini and a Blink Subscription Plus Plan for one year. The Blink Mini is a small, budget indoor camera with a 110-degree field of view and can record in Full HD.

According to Blink, the Plus Plan will give you “motion-activated notifications”, the ability to share recordings, and regularly taken photographs among other features. Amazon is also offering a free 4th gen Echo to Cloud Cam – Key Edition owners to use as a hub for smart locks.

If you’re someone who has multiple Cloud Cams, you’re in luck. The Amazon representative clarified that for every active Cloud Cam you own, you’ll get a Blink Mini. And for every Cloud Cam – Key Edition you own, you’ll receive a Mini and a 4th gen Echo. All in all, a great way to accommodate people slated to lose their devices.

Amazon states that it will be sending out emails detailing how to get the free Blink Mini, Echo, and the one-year Plus Plan sometime before the December 2 shut-off date; although they didn’t say exactly when. And if you’d like to back up your videos, the recent announcement email gives detailed instructions.  

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Analysis: Disappearing smart home trend 

Looking at recent trends, Amazon dropping Cloud Cam isn’t a random move, as a lot of smart home companies have been biting the dust lately. 

Back in April 2022, iHome shut down its service, effectively rendering the company’s devices useless. Insteon suffered the same fate and it was given to a financial service firm to manage the liquidation of its assets. 

Amazon appears to be weathering this downturn by focusing on a few brands over endlessly expanding. It looks like the smart home concept just isn’t as popular as these companies would have liked, but least Amazon is offering replacement devices and not ghosting people.  

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