Amazon is reportedly looking to sell ready-to-eat meals you don't need to refrigerate

Not long after reports that Amazon filed trademarks for a meal-preparation service surfaced, it appears the online retail giant may have more food on its mind with a service involving an experimental method for prepackaged meals that come ready-to-eat.

Using a technique called microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS), Amazon is looking into selling already-cooked dishes that don't require refrigeration, according to Reuters.

Designed primarily for military use, MATS puts sealed food in pressurized containers of water that are then heated using microwaves for several minutes until cooked and sterile. These sealed packages can be stored on shelves for up to a year without refrigeration.

No ice, no problem

The MATS technique could be especially advantageous for Amazon as it might save a hefty sum not paying for refrigerated transport and storage.

This new service could also help it grab a bigger cut of the US grocery industry following its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods earlier this year.

While the report claims that the company could be selling pre-made beef stew and veggie frittata packages as soon as next year, Amazon has yet to confirm either its home preparation kits or these ready-to-eat meals.

Should these supposed plans come to fruition, however, anyone out there who hates cooking or doing dishes may want to consider re-upping their Amazon Prime account pronto.

Parker Wilhelm
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