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Amazon Digital Day sale: the best deals in the US

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The Amazon Digital Day sale is officially underway today, with the online retailer offering discounts on non-physical merchandise.

That means all December 30 long downloadable games, movies, TV shows, apps and music deals have been flooding the store.

It goes hand in hand with the new phone, tablet or computer you just bought (or got as a gift) over the holidays. Now it the time to put it to use.

Clear some internal space for some great Amazon Digital Day sales, because we've picked out the very best in a short list.

The best Amazon Digital Day sales 

Harry Potter movies in HD can be costly if you want to watch them all the way through, but today they're just $4.99 (opens in new tab) each.

UFC Annual Pass is on sale for Amazon Digital Day, so don't overpay to watch UFC fights now that this subscription is $50 off (opens in new tab).

War Dogs is actually an underrated flick, and so is this deal. While you could rent it for $5, it's just $9.99 to own (opens in new tab).

Star Trek Beyond came out in theaters this year and it's already discounted on Amazon Video for only $6.99 (opens in new tab).

Shark's Tale is probably the Dreamworks computer animated movie you missed, but not you have no excuse. It's just $4.99 (opens in new tab)

$1.99 Kindle books are easy to buy in dozens if you're into digital reading, so now it the time to buy a lot of e-books (opens in new tab).

50% off movies in HD through the Amazon Digital Day sale, including new releases and old classics today only (opens in new tab).

All the $4.99 movies on Amazon are hard to pass up thanks to this comprehensive 15-page list of cheap movies (opens in new tab).

Earn $5 in credit when you buy MineCraft Pocket Edition at its normal $6.99 price. It's like getting paid to play video games (opens in new tab).

Plex Pass is a must-have tool if you're streaming video (and, really, who's not these days?) and it's half off today (opens in new tab).

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a super popular addicition... err puzzle game. You know what's better? Getting 50% off all in-game items (opens in new tab)

AutoCARD LT 2017 is extremely pricey every other day. Today, your 2017 subscription starts your New Year out right, 53% off for 12 months (opens in new tab).

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017 is going to allow you to eliminate that costly expenses software line item since it's 47% today (opens in new tab).

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 is the full package for photo editing, and it also includes Premier Elements 15 for video editing for only $99 (opens in new tab).

Norton Security Deluxe allows you to escape viruses and escape overpaying to combat them with a new low price of $19.99 (opens in new tab).

Titanfall 2 for PC is one of the best games of the year, and you can get it for 33% off (opens in new tab).

Tidal music subscriptions can be more expensive than Apple Music or Google Play Music, especially if you go HiFi. Well, today's it's cheap in a 67% off bundle (opens in new tab).  

$5 Music albums let you escape paying $.99 a song, and give you the artists full track list for not too much more. Don't overpay (opens in new tab).

Matt Swider
Matt Swider