Adobe updates Creative Cloud with M1 support for Audition

Adobe Creative Cloud
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Adobe has updated its Creative Cloud suite, with two of its most widely-used applications, Audition and Premiere Pro, getting new features for audio workflows, and the former gaining native support for Apple’s M1 Macs.

Adobe has released updates for two of its most widely-used applications, with Audition and Premiere Pro getting new features for audio workflows, and Audition gaining native support for Apple’s M1 Macs.

The updates are included in the May 2021 update of Adobe Creative Cloud, alongside the introduction of DirectX12 to replace OpenGL for rendering in Windows computers.

Adobe’s Audition audio-editing software receives the majority of updates this month – it’s now able to run on Apple’s M1 chip, with Adobe claiming faster mixdowns and audio effects rendering, and “near-real-time updates” in the Spectral Display Editor” in Audition running on Apple’s M1 Macs, including the newly-announced iMacs.

Audition is now M1-native with new features

Since the introduction of Apple’s new M1 chip last year in its MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro devices, the creative community has been looking out for native M1 updates from Adobe to arrive. Audition joins Lightroom and Photoshop in being able to run natively on M1 computers. 

The updates to Audition also include a couple of new features. Loudness Meter feature. This replaces the previous Loudness Radar, which monitors the volume when you’re broadcasting, podcasting or streaming content, while Strip Silence can help you identify any silent or inactive parts of a clip, and easily remove them when needed.

Premiere Pro gains new features

While Premiere Pro is yet to be updated for Apple’s M1 Macs, the update does include some new features for the video editor, such as text gradients, color labeling for captions, and improved caption trimming, as well as the aforementioned Loudness Meter.

Text Gradients are easily accessible by choosing them from the Essential Graphics panel, while label colors can be found under the Edit > Label menu.

As mentioned, alongside these major updates, DirectX12 replaces OpenGL as the default rendering technology for Windows, and brings with it HDR support for Premiere Pro with HDR10-compatible monitors and DirectX-compatible graphics cards.

How to update your Creative Cloud apps

The May update is now available in the Creative Cloud hub. Go to Updates Available and once the May 2021 update appears, click Update and it will download and install, ready for you to use the latest features in Audition and Premiere Pro.

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