After record-breaking start, Netflix orders two sequels for Through My Window

Through My Window on Netflix
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Through My Window, a newly released Spanish-language romantic-drama, is on course to take down a big Netflix record. 

Released on February 4, the film has racked up just shy of 68 million views in its first 14 days on release. That already makes it number four in the streamer's most-watched non-English language films, and, if it continues at the same pace, it will be the biggest by the end of February. 

Netflix's current reigning champion in the most-watched non-English language film category is German action-horror Blood Red Sky, which has 110.5 million hours thus far. But, given it's been on the streamer since July 2021, interest has fallen off somewhat and Through My Window is now gaining fast. 

What is Through My Window?

Through My Window, or A Través de mi Ventana in its native tongue, is a classic romantic tale. 

We follow Raquel, a teenage girl in Barcelona who has a rather large crush on her next-door neighbor. Sadly, said crush, whose name is Ares, is out of reach for her. Why? His wealthy family own Alpha 3, one of the largest companies in Spain, and he stands to take over the business one day. They move in very different circles. 

Raquel, who is from more humble beginnings, is determined to pursue Ares, and, after a series of chance meetings, including a somewhat bizarre development where he steals her Wi-Fi password, their relationship begins to develop. But, in time-honored fashion, his family aren't keen on the idea of them being together and begin to hurl spanners into the works...

Julio Peña, star of Argentina telenovela Bia, plays Ares, with newcomer Clara Galle portraying Raquel. 

Is there a chance of a sequel to Through My Window?

More than a chance – Netflix has already signed off on two more movies in the series, which began its life as a young adult novel by Ariana Godoy. 

Godoy's novel didn't enjoy a conventional release, instead becoming a bestseller on online social reading platform Wattpad. She has already published two sequels: 2018's Through You, and Through the Rain, which is due out in May. 

There's no word just yet on when they'll be on Netflix, but given the success of this film, we imagine it will want to get a move on.

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