A larger, flat screen Apple Watch Pro is rumored to be arriving in September

Apple Watch 7 on a bed of stones.
The Apple Watch 7 launched in 2021 (Image credit: Future)

We know that Apple has a launch event scheduled for September 7, at which we might well see the Apple Watch 8 as well as the iPhone 14 – but it now seems likely that another new Apple smartwatch is going to make an appearance too.

A new post up at Macotakara (via MacRumors) points to the existence and the imminent arrival of an Apple Watch Pro. The wearable is said to have a larger 47 mm casing, and is also rumored to come with a flatter design than the standard Apple Watch.

We've heard leaks about such a device before, but this seems to be more evidence that those previous predictions were actually accurate. A more durable titanium casing and longer battery life have also been mentioned in relation to this new wearable.

Pro or Rugged?

A tweaked, flatter design for the Apple Watch 8 has been rumored for a while, and indeed was first tipped to appear with the Apple Watch 7. Now it would appear that the updated aesthetic is going to be exclusive to a new model in the series.

The 47 mm size information is new – you can currently get an Apple Watch in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes – but there has been plenty of talk about an Apple Watch Rugged Edition. This seems to be the same as the Apple Watch Pro, and it's also been referred to as the Apple Watch Extreme Edition by some sources.

Whatever the naming strategy, Macotakara says Apple will make a grand show of unveiling the Apple Watch Pro, perhaps giving it the "one more thing" treatment that has previously been used to introduce new products (including the original Apple Watch).

Analysis: more watches for your consideration

The Apple Watch has clearly been a successful product for Apple, whatever metric you want to use. It's the biggest seller as far as smartwatches go, and successive iterations of the product have improved and expanded its features over the years.

If the rumors about an Apple Watch Pro (or whatever it's name is) turn out to be accurate, then it seems Apple wants to give iPhone owners even more reason to buy an Apple Watch: don't like the standard edition? Well, here's a larger, more resilient, more expensive version you can buy instead.

Take a look at the rugged, outdoor smartwatches out there – particularly the excellent Garmin range – and there's a market that Apple has yet to tap into. These wearables appeal to people who are a bit more serious about their running, hiking, walking, cycling, or whatever the activity happens to be.

Just how durable and long-lasting the new Apple smartwatch ends up being remains to be seen, but it can't hurt Apple to have multiple watch editions on sale – and let's not forget the more affordable Apple Watch SE option either.

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