5 upcoming TV shows that mean Apple TV Plus could replace your Netflix subscription

Lee Pace's Brother Day points his finger at Jared Harris' Hari Seldon's AI construct in Foundation season 2
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Apple TV Plus has dropped a teaser for its content lineup this summer, and it’s enough to make us seriously consider whether Netflix will remain the go-to streaming service in 2023.

Apple TV Plus is no longer the well-funded entertainment platform that kicked off its streaming ambitions with The Morning Show and See. These days, it’s building up an impressive library of content, from sci-fi Apple TV shows to big-name comedies and dramatic series – it has even bagged some Oscar wins for the likes of CODA.

Its latest teaser trailer runs through the highlights of its 2023 lineup, with a mix of debut shows and new seasons that make the Apple-run streaming service well worth a look – especially at a time when Netflix is shedding subscribers with its password crackdown, and generally becoming a lot more expensive for multi-household accounts.

So if you’re considering moving over to Apple TV Plus, here are five new and upcoming shows – plus one film – that might sway you.


Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan in promo

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Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star in this buddy comedy series about former best friends who reconnect after a long time apart, and spiral into a mutually caused midlife crisis. Despite its goofball comedy appearance, Platonic has been rapturously received – thanks to the rapport of its stars – and is available to stream on Apple TV Plus right now.

Streaming now

The Crowded Room

Interrogation table in large room

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Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried star in this Apple Original limited series about a man arrested for his links to a shooting in the 1970s. Seyfried was a revelation in last year’s Elizabeth Holmes biopic, The Dropout, and is well worth a look as Holland's interrogator in this upcoming thriller.

Release date: June 9

Foundation season 2

Lee Pace's Brother Day points his finger at Jared Harris' Hari Seldon's AI construct in Foundation season 2

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The big-budget TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels are a sci-fi delight, with sumptuous galactic backdrops, eye-grabbing costumes and effects, clones and androids, and a space opera story that’s hard to look away from. While season one could be uneven at times, it was still a sizeable hit, and season 2 looks set to build on its foundation (pun intended) and make even bigger swings this time around. Anyway, Lee Pace is in it – what more do you need to know?

Release date: July 14

The Beanie Bubble

The Beanie Bubble

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This brilliantly-premised biopic movie follows the creation and rise of the humble Beanie Baby – the plush toys that exploded in popularity in the ‘90s, becoming major collectibles thanks to their unique designs and limited production. 

The Beanie Bubble stars Succession’s Sarah Snook, Elizabeth Banks, Geraldine Viswanathan and Zach Galifianakis and joins a growing trend of toy-related documentaries and biopics on today’s streamers.

Release date: July 28

The Morning Show season 3

Best Apple TV shows

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The Morning Show was the first big sell on Apple TV Plus when it launched back in 2019. It stars Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston as co-anchors of a major morning news broadcast, navigating love, sex, news and consent in the wake of a massive scandal at the media conglomerate.

Production for season 2 was hit hard by the onset of the pandemic, which the showrunners decided to weave into the plot – with inconsistent results. We’re hoping that season 3 is a chance for The Morning Show to course correct, while putting the talents of Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell and Greta Lee to better use.

Release date: late 2023

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