15 million smart meters are now connected to the national network

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The Data Communications Company (DCC) has confirmed that the 15 millionth smart meter has now been connected to the national secure network. The milestone was achieved with the installation of a second-generation electricity smart meter by OVO Energy in Eastleigh at 11:11am on September 24th. 

Although this represents an important statistical milestone for the DCC, the news is also welcome from an energy saving perspective. This is because conservative estimates show that homes connected to the national smart meter network are helping save over 2 terawatt hours of energy every year.

This is almost the equivalent of the annual amount of energy generated by a gas power station, or 150 large wind turbines. In practical terms, it matches the entire yearly energy usage of the city of York. 

As a direct result of homes using smart meters, it’s estimated that CO2 levels have also been reduced by 434,000 tonnes per year.

Smart meters can save you money

Over the past several months, the energy market has been highly volatile and bills have skyrocketed. Although you cannot currently run an energy comparison and switch supplier to save money on your bills, a smart meter can help you reduce the amount of energy you’re using.

Smart meters collect accurate energy readings and then send them to your in-home display. This way, you can see how much energy you’re using in real time. Using this information, you can then take proactive steps that will help you lower your energy use.

According to Smart Energy GB, around 85% of smart meter households make changes to their behaviour that result in them saving energy. In addition, those surveyed by the company found the in-home display valuable in understanding how their behaviour impacts their consumption in real-time. Collectively, the company believes £560 million could be saved in the UK if every household switched to a smart meter.

Speaking about the importance of smart meters, Data Communications Company CEO, Angus Flett, said:

"The current volatility in the energy market has shown that we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. To cut our usage and operate our grid more intelligently, smart meters will be essential - meters on our national network are now driving city-sized savings.

"The DCC helps support consumer protections. Millions of households across Britain are now able to access the best energy tariffs through their smart meter, while having the data at their fingertips to reduce their energy usage."

How to get a smart meter 

If you don’t currently have a smart meter in your property, then speak to your energy supplier about getting one installed. Most of the UK’s best energy suppliers offer smart meters to their customers, and you can ask your supplier about switching to their best energy deal in the process.

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