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Acertant TuneRanger review

Sync iTunes files and libraries across computers and iPods

You can use TuneRanger to add media to the iPod from the Mac and vice versa

Our Verdict

Excellent utility for syncing media libraries across multiple iPods and Macs


  • Easy interface
  • Detailed sync options
  • Scans for remote libraries
  • Works with iPod libraries
  • Huge timesaver


  • Stability

Acertant TuneRanger justified its tiny price within a few minutes of firing it up.

We used it to sync and import thousands of files from an iPod's library into a Mac's library. Everything is very straightforward. You're given a single panel and simply choose which library to import from and which to import to.

It's a two-way street – you can add media to the iPod from the Mac and vice versa. iPodRip need not be bothered with again because TuneRanger is faster, more stable and has much more power. The fun doesn't stop there either, because TuneRanger also syncs libraries over networks.

Keeping your music collection together

When you buy TuneRanger you get four licenses, so we ended up syncing our iPod library with further Macs.

What this app does is take the tedium out of owning several iPods and Macs and having several disjointed media libraries spread across your network – or, indeed, any network, as it has a remote scanning function that finds other Macs not on your local network.

It stitches your music collection together – or just parts of it if you prefer – so you can avoid the scenario where you're searching endlessly for a song on your Mac only to then remember it's on your iPod.

You can add filters such as importing genres only, or ignore duplicates, and even choose whether to import EQ settings and other metadata for the tracks, among many other options.

Time-saving software

TuneRanger is cross-platform. The four licences are split – two for Mac, two for Windows.

There were glitches – it stalled more than once during testing, and trying to sync tracks with no metadata is not possible unless you play around with the preferences. But overall, for such a small outlay, this is a fantastic time-saver, and brilliant at making all your music easy to find.