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Urbanista London Headphones review

Stylish in-ear headphones, but at a price

Urbanista London Headphones review
A unique design makes these earphones stand out


  • Looks good
  • Good sound
  • Inline microphone


  • A bit expensive

According to Urbanista's website, 3.5 billion people live in 'urban environments'. That's a pretty big potential market, and Urbanista is targeting city dwellers with fancily-designed gadgets to make inner-city living that bit more exciting and glamorous.

Each gadget is named after a city. Copenhagen gets some over-ear headphones, Las Vegas gets iPod cases and London gets some in-ear headphones. It could be worse – New York gets a…uh…trolley for shopping and luggage.

So what makes the London headphones suitable for urban life? The design of the headphones is certainly striking – whether you find it attractive or not will be down to taste. We're not too sure how having designer in-ear headphones helps living in a city, but we certainly give credit to Urbanista for doing something a little different with the design.

Of much more use in a busy, noisy city environment is the inline microphone which is very useful if you're listening to music on your phone and someone rings. The earphones come with a number of in-ear attachments which makes it easy to get the earphones as comfortable as possible.

The all-important sound quality is very good and the tiny 10mm speakers have a good frequency range. The £49 RRP asking price is pretty high though, so we wonder how much you're paying just for the good looks?