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Blu-ray player sales up in Japan

Blu-ray player sales are three-times higher in Japan

It seems that confidence for Blu-ray is up in Japan after the format won the much-publicised hi-def war.

Research conducted by Japanese research firm BCN found that in April, sales of BD players improved threefold, taking over DVD deck sales for the very first time.

BCN chief analyst Shigehiro Tanaka said about the findings: “Full high-definition picture quality has become a main stream for big-screen TVs, and camcorders with higher picture quality are getting popular, too.”

HD difference

This spike in sales is a big change from the beginning of the year, when both HD DVD and BD decks combined had just 12.5 per cent share of the marketplace.

This increase is quite different to the situation in the UK, where, as of March, there has been just a two per cent rise.

One of the reasons BD hasn’t really kicked off in the UK yet is the popularity in DVD upscalers. These machines can upscale normal DVDs to up to 1080p, the pixel count of Full HD televisions.