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Google offers business search customisation

Google launches Site Search
Google launches Site Search

Google has relaunched its Custom Search Business Edition which it started in 2006 as Google Site Search, according to Reuters.

The new app allows businesses to use Google’s capabilities within their own websites, instead of having to install their own search facilities.

Updates to the service include indexing for more content, which will hopefully uncover the hidden pages that normal search engines can’t find.

Easier surfing

The technology will allow businesses to make searching on their websites easier. According to Google, it will help business users quickly find information they need to do their work better, or help a site's customers find what they want to purchase.

Google Site Search will offer such options as: the ability to turn off advertisements, a customisable look-and-feel for searching the site and technical support via e-mail or phone.

Speaking to Reuters about the relaunched service, Nitin Mangtani, a product manager in Google's Enterprise division, said, "Google Site Search is targeted more for businesses and government sites that want search but don't want to display ads."