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Philips packs top-end tech into 9000 Series TVs

Philips packs all its TV tech into the 9000 series
Philips packs all its TV tech into the 9000 series

Philips has taken all the best bits of TV tech and packed it into a new range of TVs - the 9000 series.

This range of TVs is 'engineered from the highest-quality materials and a unique design'.

But beyond the visuals, it's offering pretty much all the high end technology Philips research labs could come up with.

We're talking a 400Hz LCD with 0.5ms response time for blur-free images, Net TV with inbuilt Wi-Fi for online services via the TV and DLNA to connect to your PC.

Light up the dark

In addition, the 9000 series also packs full LED backlighting, with thousands of lights arranged behind the screen for deeper contrast of up to 10,000,000:1.

It's also one of the first TVs to add 3D-ready capabilities, with Active 3D glasses meaning each eye gets the full 1080p experience.

And to round it off - there's Ambilight technology on three sides of the display, which can even work out the colour of your walls behind the TV and match the colour accordingly.

You'll be surprised to note that this TV does not have a UK release date or price - but we'd bet a pretty penny that this isn't going the be the cheapest range of TVs you've ever seen in your life.

Gareth Beavis

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