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Industry expert slams digi-switch abuse

Bordering on the ridiculous?
Bordering on the ridiculous?

What Satellite & Digital TV editor Alex Lane has slammed those responsible for the controversial digital switchover scheme for the elderly and vulnerable that pushed Sky's products.

Lane, talking exclusively to TechRadar, told us that he had heard whisperings that the scheme had been set up with Sky already fitted up for the role, and he called for stiff penalties for anyone who was proven to have abused the scheme.

"Sky's famous for heavy-handed marketing so putting it in charge of a scheme for the elderly and vulnerable sounds like a classic case of the fox running the chicken coop," said Lane.

Stiff penalties

"But from what we're hearing this was set up early on in a way that no-one but Sky would fit the list of potential candidates.

"Digital UK needs to ensure there is proper oversight and stiff penalties to prevent any abuse of the scheme."

Sky has already responded to original reports in The Guardian by saying: "Sky is committed to making the help scheme a success in the Border region."

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