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Hulu adds Face Match tech

Face Match is the latest neat innovation from the guys at Hulu

Hulu has added a neat innovation to its video streaming service, which allows viewers to see information about actors, just by moving the cursor over them during playback.

The new feature, which the site is calling Face Match, will bring up the actors name and some biographical information.

Face Match will prove handy for viewers struggling to identify cast members and negates the need to perform a separate IMDb search.

Tip of your tongue

Posting on the Hulu blog, Zhibing Wang, director of research says: "Yep, Face Match can help pick out the name of that actor or actress that's on the tip of your tongue.

"But it will also help you know get to know the actors with some of their biggest roles, and we'll even link to some of their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts."

The new feature is currently in Beta so only works on the browser, meaning its not yet compatible with external apps or embedded video.

The shows Face Watch can currently be used on is also limited with select episodes of Glee, The Office, Lost and Modern Family among them.

Hulu says is plans to roll Face Watch out to more shows in the near future.

Via: The Verge