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DIY Freesat kit available for £180

Metronic Freesat - off the wall
Metronic Freesat - off the wall

For those people proficient enough to install their own satellite dish – Metronic are now offering the first DIY Freesat kit.

On sale at retailer Maplin, for £180, you can now get your mitts on a high-definition enabled Metronics set-top box, a 48cm Freesat mesh antenna and various accoutrements.

As WotSat points out – you will still need a drill and a spirit level (not to mention a ladder) to get yourself on the Freesat bandwagon, but there is a helping hand with the signal.

Hot and cold

"The Sat HD 100 has an onscreen signal meter that should be sufficient to fine-tune the signal with a someone shouting 'hot' or 'cold' from the living room," notes WotSat editor Alex Lane.

The kit has got the full backing of Freesat, although we should point out that falling off your roof can be detrimental to your health.

Via WotSat blog