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Which is the best browser for OS X?

We put six browsers through six tests to see which one is king of the internet for the Mac

Most app genres have what's become almost a default option that is Microsoft Word for word processing, Adobe Photoshop for high-end image editing, and so on.

When apps are preinstalled, their position is even more secure, as with Apple's web browser, Safari. It's on every Mac, it's pretty smart, and so why should you consider using anything else?

This group test investigates that. We examine five of Safari's fiercest rivals, from cross-platform big-hitters Firefox and Opera to Mac-only efforts Camino, iCab and OmniWeb. Gone are the days when website compatibility was a major factor in considering which browser to use.

Today, it's all about speed and features. Every browser is aiming to become the fastest and most responsive as online sites and applications become increasingly complex and demanding under the hood; and each one is playing its own little game of one-upmanship, offering new features to entice users to ditch a rival.

Our main concern in this group test is to discover which application is the most robust, usable web browser for general surfing, with features that make your online life easier, rather than baffling with complexity. We'll look at ease of use, accessing content, bookmarking and Mac integration.

Also, all tests will be done with the browser in its default setup – many browsers can be improved via plugins, but we're interested in how strong the foundation is.