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The ultimate privacy-friendly browser for Mac and Windows

UR Browser in use
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UR Browser is the perfect platform if you want a privacy-driven browser. It offers multiple privacy levels and lets you choose which one works best for you.


  • +

    A privacy-focused browser

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    It comes with a built-in virus scanner

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    Works on both Mac and Windows

  • +

    Pages load faster without ads and cookies


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    It's still in beta mode

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UR Browser is a new-age web browser for Mac and Windows, designed specifically for users who prioritize privacy and security over everything else. 

It was launched as an alternative to Chrome and Safari for those looking for the same benefits but with better security. Since excellent privacy features block out many unnecessary ads, cookies, and trackers, the UR browser also loads faster than most of its peers.

Today, we’ll touch upon every aspect of the UR browser, including its features, pros and cons, benefits, and competitors, so that you have a solid understanding of whether this is the best browser for you.

UR Browser: Features

UR browser comes with three privacy levels and lets you choose the kind of protection you want. Custom privacy with a private browsing mode puts it far ahead of the competition.

Browsers usually load with cookies, ads, pop-ups, and whatnot. All these digital assets heavily weigh a browser down, which in turn, makes the browser slower. 

But if you opt for medium-level privacy on the UR browser, you get access to ad blockers and tracker blockers that remove all these unnecessary elements and give you a fast browser.

It comes with a built-in virus scanner that checks every file and website you visit via the browser. It's no secret that hackers often embed malware, spyware, and other viruses in website links to fool naive users. 

Since not everyone can tell which websites are shady, UR takes up the responsibility of protecting your system from digital threats.

The above-mentioned feature also extends to your downloads. Every time you download a new file, it’ll go through the virus scanner and be checked for threats. 

If the UR browser finds anything suspicious, you’ll be informed immediately. Sure, you can still go ahead and download it — UR won't restrict your actions, but at least you’ll know the potential risk of doing that.

Under the privacy settings, you can routinely check how many malware, virus, ads, and trackers are being blocked by the browser. 

Like Google Chrome, the UR browser also provides a customized news feed section under the website shortcuts. You’ll get the latest updates on everything happening worldwide based on your preferences. 

You can also add a custom wallpaper instead of sticking to monotonous and archaic themes. You’ll find the option to change themes on the right-side menu of the home page.

UR Browser privacy options

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UR Browser: Privacy

As a new browser in the market, UR does its best to provide a secure browsing space for all users. 

It comes with three privacy levels;

The “Low Privacy” level provides anti-fingerprinting support and HTTPS redirects. 

The “Medium Privacy” level blocks trackers, ads, and third-party cookies, not to mention that it also tags along with the benefits of the “Low Privacy” level. 

On the “Highest Privacy” level, you get all the benefits on the “Medium Privacy” level along with a Ninja mode — consider it a private browsing mode. Here, all your activities and browsing history are erased as soon as you close the tabs.

UR Browser: Ease of use

The UR browser is designed for computers and looks like most other browsers. At the center of the page and at the top margin, you get the search bar where you can type in your query. 

Below the search bar is a list of shortcuts to your favorite sites. You can either let the UR browser pick these shortcuts for you based on your activity or add your own.

What sets it apart is the embedded links to social media sites on the right-side menu of the page. This menu also contains additional features such as themes, general settings, language settings, etc.

UR Browser: Competitors

Since the UR browser's primary proposition is user security and privacy, it's safe to say that its top competitors would be browsers like Opera, Firefox, Mullvad, DuckDuckGo browser, and the Avast Secure Browser.

UR’s biggest drawback is that it's relatively new to the market. It's still in the beta phase, whereas all the other browsers have been around for several years now. They already have a substantial customer base, which makes it all the more difficult for UR to make its mark in the market. 

But on the flip side, UR is the only browser that lets you choose your privacy level. Sure, privacy is a must-have for all internet users, but it shouldn't be imposed on you. UR recognizes your right to choose your security tools.

It's also the only known browser besides Avast with a built-in antivirus. All websites you visit, and everything you download will first go through this scanner so that you only access content that's 100% safe. However, while Avast comes with a VPN, UR does not. 

Another feature that puts UR on par with other browsers is its speedy page loading. Since it blocks all trackers and ads by default, it lightens up the target site and makes loading easier.

UR Browser: Final verdict

UR Browser is the perfect platform if you want a privacy-driven browser. It offers multiple privacy levels and lets you choose which one works best for you. 

You can keep it basic with just HTTPS redirects and anti-fingerprinting, or you can turn up the heat with tracker blockers, ad blockers, and a private browsing mode. 

Although it’s not as huge as other browsers like Chrome or Edge, UR, with its small team, is certainly capable of creating a ripple in the market with its vast array of features.

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