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Mullvad browser is perfect for those who want VPN-like security in their browser without actually paying for a VPN. Features like private browsing mode, one-click profile reset, and anti-fingerprinting technology put Mullvad far ahead of the competition in terms of security and protection.


  • +

    Simple and minimalist interface

  • +

    Prevents browser fingerprinting

  • +

    Automatically prevents trackers from stealing your information

  • +

    Lets you wipe off your data and resent your profile in one click


  • -

    It's quite new in the market, so hard to believe claims about performance without stackable evidence

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The Mullvad browser is the newest addition to the web browsers industry, founded in April 2023. This browser is a joint collaboration of the Tor Browser and the Mullvad VPN

Simply put, it's a Tor browser that works with the Mullvad VPN instead of the Tor Network. Naturally, a browser partnering with a VPN directly makes it much more secure and safe than most other browsers in the industry.

In this review, we’re going to help you decide if you get the Mullvad Browser or not by delving deep into its features, privacy protocols, usability, pros and cons, and much more. 

Mullvad browser: Features

Mullvad comes with a private browsing mode that doesn’t save your history, cookies, or any information that you might have shared during the session. 

If you don't want anyone to track your online activities, this feature will be your friend and wipe off every last detail.

It offers up to 3 security levels, and you can choose which settings work best for you:

Standard — the default and the most basic mode, where all website functions are allowed.

Safer — all website functions that are considered dangerous are banned. 

Safest — the last and final security level where only the most basic website features are allowed to run while the rest are blocked. 

As you can see, turning on the “Safest” mode can heavily restrict your online activities, which is why we don't recommend it.

Another benefit of using Mullvad is that it doesn't work with too many extensions or plugins. After all, the more third-party software you add, the higher will be the risk of data leaks. 

That said, Mullvad does provide you with the plugins you’ll need the most. For example, you can use the uBlock Origin plugin to block ads and unnecessary pop-ups.

Mullvad’s anti-fingerprinting technology makes it almost impossible to track any individual user on Mullvad. It achieves this by making the fingerprints and digital identities of all its users across an operating system look alike.

Just like the Tor browser, the Mullvad browser, too, is based on Firefox. This means that when a new feature is added to Firefox, it's considered for addition to Mullvad as well. 

However, the addition is only done after the feature is thoroughly examined and it's confirmed that it doesn’t pose a security risk to the system.

Mullvad’s best security feature is the identity reset button that lets you reset your profile and delete all your cookies, histories, and favorites so that no activity can be linked back to your account. It's important to note that this feature won't change your IP address — it’ll simply factory reset your profile.

Mullvad browser: Privacy

A browser created in collaboration with a VPN provider is undoubtedly privacy-friendly. In fact, that was the bottom line purpose of this collaboration project — to provide users with a safe browsing platform equipped to combat new-age digital threats. 

One of our favorite security features of the Mullvad browser is “Reset Identity.” As the name suggests, this option will remove all your cookies, browsing history, bookmarks, and tabs. It'll come in extremely handy if you’re worried that someone might be prying on your online activities.

The Mullvad browser also comes with the uBlock Origin plugin that you can use to block ads and pop-ups. And for trackers that might steal your information, Mullvad has an in-built combat system to restrict such activities.

Mullvad browser: Ease of use

Since the Mullvad browser works on Tor’s interface, those familiar with the latter will have an easier time getting to know how Mullvad works.

It follows the standard format of placing the stack of tabs at the top of the screen, followed by the address bar. To the left of the address bar, you’ll find page navigation options such as reloading or going back to the previous page, and to the right of the address bar, you’ll find your security features, browser cleaner, profile, and menu.

Under the Security tab is where you decide if you want to use the standard website protocols that allow a certain set of functionalities to customize and adjust the level of protection.

From the menu on the extreme right of the page (under the 3 dashes), you’ll be able to change the browser theme or add more extensions. All in all, the Mullvad browser is quite easy to navigate, and it'll not take you more than a few minutes to acquaint yourself with it.

Mullvad browser: Competitors

Mullvad was launched quite recently, so it's hard to tell who its immediate competitors might be. But one thing’s for sure is that it's trying to cater to a very specific target audience — those very particular about the level of security and privacy a browser offers. 

This eliminates the majority of the people who use browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Bing. However, browsers like Avast, Firefox, and Opera that also prioritize data security can be considered Mullvad’s immediate competitors. 

In fact, just like Mullvad, Avast, too, is developed by a company that is an expert in antivirus and VPN. Opera, on the other hand, is known to offer a free integrated VPN to all users. In short, all three of them are serving almost the same purpose. 

Speaking of their performance, it's hard to compare the three, owing to Mullvad’s short experience in the market. We still don't have enough data to draw out a detailed comparison. 

However, we do know that in terms of features, Mullvad has a few extra things to offer. It's the only one out of the three to offer pre-configured multi-level security modes. It's also the only one to offer a profile reset button that can immediately wipe off your entire browsing history from the account.

Also, you won't have to deal with the overwhelming number of options on the main page that both Opera and Avast are guilty of.

Mullvad browser: Final verdict

Mullvad browser is perfect for those who want VPN-like security in their browser without actually paying for a VPN. Features like private browsing mode, one-click profile reset, and anti-fingerprinting technology put Mullvad far ahead of the competition in terms of security and protection. 

Another benefit of using this browser is its usability. The interface is quite simple. You have all the options you’ll need to run it smoothly, yet the main page isn't crowded with too many options — it's all perfectly balanced.

The menu and its options are easy to find because, unlike some browsers, Mullvad doesn't believe in hiding them from plain sight. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Mullvad a try.

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