Aloha browser review

The Aloha browser is certainly worth a shot. It's fast, customizable, and secure — everything you can possibly ask for in a browser.

Aloha browser in use
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TechRadar Verdict

The Aloha browser is certainly worth a shot. It's fast, customizable, and secure — everything you can possibly ask for in a browser.


  • +

    Fast and reliable

  • +

    It has a beginner-friendly interface

  • +

    A built-in adblocker to remove pop-ups

  • +

    It comes with a free built-in VPN with unlimited use


  • -

    The free version comes with a few ads

  • -

    Not all features are free to use

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The Aloha browser was launched in 2015 and is clearly a new entrant in an industry dominated by browsers that are decades old. 

This new-age browser is designed keeping mobile users in mind. Its goal is to provide them with a more secure browsing platform, which is why it’s perhaps the only browser that not only comes with a built-in VPN but also encrypts your data at all levels.

In this detailed review, we’ll decrypt everything about Aloha, right from its features, benefits, and usability to its shortcomings. Read till the end to know whether this is the best browser for you. 

Aloha browser: Features

According to Aloha’s claims, it’s 2x faster than any other competing browser. Whether you’re watching a video online, gaming, or just downloading small or large files, Aloha will help you get it done 10 times faster, thanks to the hardware acceleration technology. To bump up your loading speed, Aloha uses an inbuilt ad blocker. This feature keeps annoying popups from crowding your display and ensures a smooth browsing experience. Without ads, you’ll also save tons of mobile data.

Want to stay private while using the internet? A VPN is what you need. However, while other browsers require you to buy a separate VPN subscription, Aloha comes with a VPN that protects your identity and keeps all your searches private from day one.

With Aloha, you don't have to go back to your gallery to watch a video you've downloaded. The browser comes with an integrated VR player that lets you play all your videos directly on the browser. This video player works both offline and online. This way, you won't have to download a separate video player for your offline videos.

Aloha is an integration beast. It comes with an integrated file manager that helps you safely store your downloads. You can also lock this folder with a passcode or fingerprint lock to keep people away from your private stuff. You get plenty of appearance options that can be used to edit the theme. You can switch between light/dark modes, choose a different color scheme altogether, or add a customized wallpaper. In fact, you can also customize the look of your news feed.

Aloha’s biggest USP is the crash reporter. When browsers crash, they do very little to help their users out. However, with Aloha’s crash reporting feature, the Aloha developers will be notified if your browser crashes and will also receive your device ID (no other personal data apart from this) so that they can help you faster.

Aloha browser VPN

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Aloha browser: Privacy

Aloha’s biggest USP and entire market position are based on its privacy and data security supremacy. 

For starters, it comes with a free built-in VPN. This VPN keeps your online activities private, protects your IP addresses and location from being leaked, and protects your personal details from trackers and spammers.

Another layer of privacy is provided at the other end of the browser. If you don't want your kid, spouse, or family members to access your browser, just put on a password or fingerprint lock. There’s hardly any browser with such strict security features.

Aloha browser: Ease of use

The Aloha browser looks like any other regular browser. It has a search bar followed by a few quick links or shortcuts just like Google Chrome. You can either customize these quick links or let the browser automatically add your most frequently visited site in this section. 

As you scroll down, you’ll see a section of suggested content — again, just like Google Chrome. In the free version of this browser, you might also see a few non-targeted ads. Thankfully, there aren't too many of them. You can toggle between News, Sports Updates, and Entertainment.

Aloha browser: Competitors

Since Aloha is a mobile browser and specializes in providing a secure browsing platform, its main competitors are Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox.

Chrome is the industry leader, for sure. Aloha might not even be close to beating it in terms of numbers, but it does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve. For example, Chrome needs to catch up to Aloha regarding the amount and quality of privacy the latter offers with its VPN and ad blockers. 

Also, Aloha is very upfront about the way it works. In the free version, it shows you ads and tracks some data, which is something most browsers like Chrome and Edge do — at least Aloha is honest about it. 

Aloha doesn't fare well when put against Opera Mini and Firefox. While all three of them provide excellent privacy in the form of VPNs, ad blockers, and tracker blockers, Aloha is the only one in the pack that charges its users for some of these features. 

If you’re looking for a free browser with the utmost security, Aloha might not be your best pick.

Aloha browser: Final verdict

The Aloha browser is certainly worth a shot. It's fast, customizable, and secure — everything you can possibly ask for in a browser. 

It takes user security and privacy to a whole new level. Along with the VPN that encrypts your online browsing sessions and file transfers, it also provides you with a secure download option with a dedicated folder to save the downloaded items. 

For additional security from the user's end, it lets you put a lock or password on the browser as well as the downloads folder. 

On top of that, its interface is straightforward to use. It looks a lot like Google Chrome, especially if you compare the placement of the search bar, recommended news and content, and the menu. All this familiarity makes it relatively easy to master.

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