Best people search finder service of 2024

People finder services let you access information about people stored on public databases - it’s that simple.

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They can be used for various purposes, such as helping you to find those you have lost touch with, like old friends or relatives, can also be used to trace scam callers and emailers, and are a better alternative than using standard web search engines. 

There are many options to choose from, though, making it an overwhelming prospect for those trying out these services for the first time.

We tested the best people search finder services on the type of searches they perform, the ease of use, how quickly they can produce detailed results, and their cost-to-feature ratio.

So below we have rounded up the best people finder services out there, making it easier for you to choose which one to go for.

We've also listed the best background check service.

Our top three people finder services

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Our top pick of the best people finder services, we found Instant Checkmate to be great for criminal record searches in particular, with an easy to use interface. Reports are unlimited, too.

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One of the most popular services on our list, Intelius provides very detailed and accurate background checks, and gathers those results quickly. The interface is also intuitive to use.

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US Search

US Search is a good value and an easy to use people finder service. There can be some inaccuracies in the results, though, based on our tests.

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The best people search finder services and engines of 2024 in full:

Best people search finder overall

(Image credit: Instant Checkmate)
Simple and reliable, best for criminal record search

Reasons to buy

Accurate and reliable
Best suited for criminal record search 
Unlimited reports 

Reasons to avoid

Expensive and unclear pricing 
Search process is on the slower side

The interface for Instant Checkmate is one of the best we’ve seen, making it easy to navigate our way around, as well as producing neatly presented reports. It also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a testament to the accuracy of its results.

It offers unlimited reports that provide information such as phone numbers, criminal records, court records, weapon permits, location history, relatives and more. However, we did find that searches can be slow. You can search via reserver phone lookup, and via city and ZIP codes.

Instant Checkmate is a fairly expensive service, being more pricey than some of its rivals. Person reports cost $35.12 for a single month, and $84.28 for 3 months (which works out to $28.09 per month). Reverse phone lookups, however, only cost $5.99 a month, and we have spotted special offers in the past, such as a 5-day trial of the phone lookup service for $1.99. 

To get this, though, requires going through the entire phone search process and then canceling at the end, which we feel is a very obtuse way to flag the promotion to users.

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Best people search finder for detail

(Image credit: Intelius)
If you’re looking for detailed background check reports, Intelius is your go-to service

Reasons to buy

Detailed background checks 
Provides accurate criminal and court records
Performs the search quickly 
Offers education history

Reasons to avoid

Report downloading feature costs extra  
Poor subscription structure

Intelius is one of most popular people finder services on the market, seeing a huge amount of requests per month. Given its advanced feature set and fast, accurate results, it’s not hard to see why.

We found during our tests that it also managed to uncover some information that other services failed to get, like education history, making it a great pick if you’re looking to prioritize details.

The interface is again clean and ergonomic, with results displayed clearly. It also offers reverse phone lookup, and can find data such as address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, sexual offenses, assets and arrest records, among others.

However, the pricing is again a little expensive, and the membership tiers are quite frankly a mess. There are three distinct plans but they have overlapping features, and two are the same price and the third is cheaper. This made it difficult for us to work out which one would be needed for what purpose, and which was the best value. Downloading reports in PDF format also costs an extra $3.99 per report. 

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Best people search finder for speed

(Image credit: US Search)
Oldest people finder search engine

Reasons to buy

Good value
Easy search
Fast delivery

Reasons to avoid

Results can be inaccurate
No mobile app
Hidden fees and offers

The interface for US Search is intuitive and results are delivered quickly, including details such as properties (and their value), phone numbers, employment and education history.

We did find a fair number of inaccuracies in the results during testing, though, so if you’re looking to use US Search for credit checks or vetting employees, then you may want to look elsewhere.

There is now only a single subscription plan - $19.86 per month for an unlimited number of reports, which is good value relative to other services. Currently, there is also a 5-day trial for $1.99. We have also found a separate offer for $4.99 per month (in perpetuity) for the reverse phone lookup plan.

However, you have to complete the whole search process before you can get the above pricing information, and the phone lookup offer was only flagged to us after waiting around on the results page for a while; no wonder users have complained about the less than upfront pricing. There is also no option to purchase single reports.

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Best value people search finder

(Image credit: Whitepages)
Great for initial search efforts

Reasons to buy

Good value
Great mobile apps 
Great customer service
Single reports offered

Reasons to avoid

Expensive top plan
Monthly report limit

Whitepages is another service that has been around for a while, and it has some great value plans. It also has great mobile apps, which can’t be said about other services, such as US Search (which has none).

There are premium plans that offer additional features, such as reverse phone lookup, background checks, public records and contact info. These costs can mount up, though.

We found the interface is easy to navigate, and if you do experience any issues, then Whitepages has a well-regarded customer support service on hand.

Prices are good for some of the premium services, which are also clear in their purpose. You can choose to pay for a full year in one go, which can work out considerably cheaper than paying month-to-month.

We were also hit with a 5-trial for $1, but only after waiting around on the payment page at the end of our search.

However, the top plan is more expensive than comparable rivals, and only allows for 200 lookups and 20 reports per month. There is, however, an option to buy single reports for a one-time fee of $11.99. This makes it our recommendation for infrequent searches too.

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Best people search finder for mobile

(Image credit: Truthfinder)
Best service boasting up-to-date information

Reasons to buy

Great mobile app
Unlimited number of searches if you subscribe

Reasons to avoid

No trial
Support could be better
Searches take too long
Expensive for casual users
Pushy pop-up ads

One of the standouts of TruthFinder is its great mobile app. It also has an A+ rating from the BBB, like Instant Checkmate, and it also claims to have more than 60,000 five star reviews.

It offers plenty of details in its reports, including names, addresses, email, phone, and public records - plus there is also reverse phone lookup. A unique feature of TruthFinder is DarkWeb search, which costs an extra $2.99 per month. This can let you know if your search target has had their identity leaked on underground websites and forums. 

We were also impressed with its mobile app, being among the best in the sector. However, we didn’t find the support options to be the best, and we were also beset with long wait times and some annoying popups.

There is no free trial for TruthFinder either, and no option to purchase single reports - there are only subscription tiers that offer unlimited reports. The plans are at least easy to understand, though, offering people search for $28.05 per month, reverse email lookup for $29.73 per month, and reverse phone lookup for $4.99 per month.

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Best user-friendly people search finder

(Image credit: BeenVerified)
An impressive service for multiple searches

Reasons to buy

Easy to use 
Diverse search options 
Great customer support
Sometimes has great discounts

Reasons to avoid

Pricing and payment issues
Sometimes slow to display results

BeenVerified is owned by Intelius, which also owns Instant Checkmate and US Search. Social media information and vehicle data can be found, as well as the usual criminal records and property listings. 

This is another service with a user-friendly interface - one of the best in fact - and you can download reports in PDF format. The customer support is also very helpful. 

However, there is no free option or option to purchase single reports. The website also requires you to complete the lengthy search process before revealing the pricing, without even showing you if you’ve found the person you’re looking for, which is a major hindrance. 

At time of writing, the pricing is $26.89 for one month, but reports aren’t unlimited - you only get 100 per month. The 3 month membership works out to $17.48 per month, but that’s still only for the same number of reports per month.

Cancellation is also a hassle, requiring you to call or email to disable auto-renewal. 

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How we test the best people search finder services

We've tested the best people search finder services and engines across numerous aspects, like the type of searches they perform, how long they take to complete checks, and the simplicity of their user interface. 

We evaluated how easily users could use each search finder to find people they might know, and we considered whether the service could be accessed easily through mobile platforms and whether there were any human guidance features. 

We also looked at their pricing plans and whether they were flexible regarding their offerings and pricing, among other things. 

Read how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

How to choose the best people search finder service

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when considering a people finder service is: what kind of information are you looking for?

Many of these services will use the same set of public databases, which can of course lead to a lot of them producing the same results. However, some have extra features that may be useful to your search, such as reverse phone or email lookup, and some uncover records that not every service does, such as education history. We found Intelius to be one such service in our experience.

Of course, cost is also going to be a considerable factor. Many offer similar pricing schemes, and often subscriptions for reverse phone lookup only are much cheaper. Also, if you only need the odd report or two, then look for services that offer one-time payments for single reports, such as Whitepages.

The best people search finder FAQs

What is a people search finder?

As the name implies, people finder services help you find people. They can do this via a name, or via reverse phone or email lookup, which is useful if you want to trace possible scam callers and the like.

People often use these services to find old friends and family too. Some employers also use them to perform background checks on potential employees, but not all of them are fit for this purpose - if that’s what you’re after, then you’ll want to use the best background check service.  

Should I pay to use a people search finder?

Making an initial search on many of these services can yield basic information for free, such as name, age, relatives and general location, so you may get exactly what you’re looking for straight away. You could also search on Google or social media first, as you may find enough data on these sites too. 

However, if you want more detailed information, such as criminal records, property details, education history and the like, then paying for a people finder service may be preferable.

Some people finder services offer trial periods, though in our experience these aren’t exactly made clear, and often involve having to hang around on payment or results pages for them to popup. 

Some offer single reports for a one-off fee, and others are subscription only. In these cases, reverse phone lookup plans are often much cheaper than full-on people search plans, although naturally they offer less information in their reports.

How do I remove myself from people search finders?

Povilas Reinotas of the data-deletion service Incogni has this to say:

"Exercising the right to remove your data from People Search Sites (PSS) can be more challenging compared to regular data brokers. Firstly, PSS often make it difficult to find the data removal option on their website. They typically only provide a “do not sell my personal information” option, which is required by law but allows them to keep your information for other purposes. In contrast, regular data brokers often accept data removal requests via email.

Moreover, PSS typically require you to fill out a web form to request data removal, if such an option even exists. This is different from regular data brokers, where a simple email request is a lot more likely to suffice. Another complication arises from the fact that the web form often asks for a link to the specific information you want to remove. This could enable PSS to retain some of your information, as you may not be able to locate all the data they have on you. Additionally, some individuals may feel discouraged or hesitant to complete the removal process if it involves conducting a search to find all their information.

Lastly, once you submit a data removal request to PSS, they may require further verification. This could involve providing copies of identification cards, bank statements, or utility bills. This extra step adds another layer of complexity to the process.

In summary, removing your data from People Search Sites involves navigating hidden data removal options, completing web forms, potentially leaving some information behind, and undergoing additional verification measures. This makes the process more intricate compared to regular data brokers."

Povilas Reinotas headshot
Povilas Reinotas

Povilas Reinotas is a dedicated professional with a strong background in Political Science and International Relations. He has expertise in data protection and privacy law, particularly in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). He has also conducted an in-depth analysis of the "right to erasure" process.

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