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Samsung topples Huawei to emerge the global leader in smartphone sales

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Samsung is back on top as the global leader in the smartphone sales market. According to Counterterpoint’s latest research results Samsung is back as the global smartphone market leader as of August 2020. 

Besides being the global leader the company is back as the leader in the same category in India as well. Samsung has not been in the top spot in India since back in 2018.

The surge of Samsung

Samsung, according to the report by Counterterpoint, enjoyed a 22% market share in August which also turned out to be the highest by any manufacturer. Samsung grew by 2% from April to August growing from 20% to 22%. The top spot was previously held by Huawei which has now slid into second with a market share of 16%. Huawei has experienced a significant drop since the results in April when it’s market share was 21%. The brand following in the third spot is Apple with 12% and Xiaomi in fourth which is holding its ground at 11%. 

Samsung had experienced a sharp decline in sales when global lockdowns were imposed back in April this year. This affected sales in India as well where the company enjoys a powerful position with the high sales it has from its offlines stores. But with the India lockdown over, the company has recovered its position. 

(Image credit: Counterpoint Monthly Market Pulse)

Besides this Samsung also made the most of the anti-China sentiments in India to push for sales online. Huawei has still not managed to recover its smartphone sales after the ban by the US government and the trade ban as well. It dropped down to 16% in August from 21% April, conceding the top spot to Samsung. 

Xiaomi in the third spot, has grown from 8% to 11% between April and August 2020. According to the report, this is due to the strong performance from the company in Central Eastern European markets. Besides Xiaomi, Apple is in the third spot with 12% and has increased in a steady rate. 

Minsoo Kang who is a Counterpoint research analyst opines that Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo will grow their share of the smartphone market. “Geopolitical policies and political affairs among nations are affecting the smartphone market in many ways. There will be heightened marketing activity to seize opportunities in these regions and segments. As a result, the concentration of top players in the smartphone market will be much stronger. We see players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo benefiting the most.”

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