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PUBG Season 9 update live on test server, brings new map Paramo

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A new season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now live on the test server of the game. This new update 9.1 brings the updates for the ninth season of PUBG. It is currently live on the test server for a phase of bug fixes and patches from the developers. 

The new update brings a new map to the game called Paramo. There’s also a new battle pass with a lot of new content coming with this update. The update 9.1 patch notes have been released by the developers.

PUBG Update 9.1: Changes

Paramo is a new map located on a plateau in South America. This map has an active volcano in it which spews out lava that streams across the land. Survivors dropping onto Paramo will reach the highlands helicopter, which will also be distributing Care Packages around the field. 

Paramo is a 3×3 map with a dynamic world new to PUBG. This dynamic world system alters locations between matches, which makes every match on it unique. Paramo is provided as a Seasonal Match exclusive for Season 9 only. Seasonal Match will have bots and missions disabled, and not count for your career. 

Paramo is a 64 player map for TPP squads only without Red Zones. The Blue Zone shrinks slowly, but deals more damage compared to other maps. Only available vehicles are motorcycles.

The developers are introducing Ranked Solo queue to Ranked Mode. Players will now be able to take on the Ranked Battlegrounds against other solo players and climb the competitive ranks. With the end of Season 8 player ranks as well as leaderboards have been reset.

There’s an update to the Ranked Mode Ruleset which includes algorithm, item spawn as well as changes to maps. There are also changes being introduced to Regional Matchmaking. The developers are also bringing some weapon balance changes and it will see the Beryl M762 and SLR nerfed slightly. 

G-Coin which was a feature of the consoles is being introduced to PC. Besides these there’s also a new Survivor Pass: Highlands being introduced along with new skins and items to the game. These changes can all be checked out on the patch notes here.

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