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You're on the invite list! Google Glass now on sale to everyone in the US

Google Glass just became a little less exclusive today, as the search engine giant declared that its wearable computer is now on sale to everyone in the US.

"Starting today, we're allowing anyone to purchase Glass on the Glass retail site," confirmed a Google spokesperson to TechRadar.

"We look forward to welcoming in new Explorers who will each play a critical role in making Glass better ahead of a wider consumer launch."

As a bonus for those who waited, Google is throwing in free frames for prescription glasses or a sunshade at no cost, accessories that weren't available to early adopters.

Some rules still apply

Of course, being able to buy Google Glass still depends on its availability. Its one-day sale to the general public last month depleted Google's stock of the white version, for example.

"The response was overwhelming," wrote the company in a Google+ post. "We almost ran out of inventory and had to close things down early."

Explorers are still required to live in the US, be 18 years of age or older and spend that painful $1,500 (about £891, AU$1,603) to become a sci-fi-looking walking wonder.

Google Glass' wider consumer launch is supposed to happen later this year, and with Google IO 2014 coming up on June 25, we expect to hear more about the device's future and hopefully cheaper price.

  • Before Google IO, we'll be at E3 2014
Matt Swider

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