After one-day Glass sale, Google may be prepping to do it all over again

Google's one-day, US-only Glass sale seems to have gone off without a hitch, and the company may be revving up to do it all over again before long.

"We're out of spots in the Explorer Program for now, but may have more to share soon," the search giant wrote in a "That's all, folks" post.

We've asked Google for sales figures from Tuesday, though we're not holding out too much hope Mountain View will be willing to share specifics. That said, the white "Cotton" option sold out Tuesday afternoon.

Update: Google got back to us with this comment: "We will not be giving out any sales information. As of late last night, all spots in the Explorer program were claimed. We will be trying new ways to expand in the future and will continue to update the Google+ blog."

Those anxious to get in on Glass can sign up for alerts when more spots open up.

Google has stated it's not ready to expand Glass outside the US, but perhaps by the time the next Explorer open-enrollment push rolls around, it may be feeling a little more ... exploratory.

Until we hear more, check out our updated Google Glass review to see what's new!

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle was previously a news editor at TechRadar, leading consumer tech news and reviews. Michelle is now a Content Strategist at Facebook.  A versatile, highly effective content writer and skilled editor with a keen eye for detail, Michelle is a collaborative problem solver and covered everything from smartwatches and microprocessors to VR and self-driving cars.