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Jumbo colour e-books coming later this year

It's huge, it's in colour and it's almost here - Fujitsu's FLEPia

Forget boring old monochrome electronic books like Sony's Librie and Amazon's Kindle – instead, start saving up for Fujitsu's new colour e-book that goes on sale this autumn.

Back in April, we reported that Fujitsu Frontech would be providing some pretty costly samples to third-parties interested in rebranding its FELPia, but not that it would actually be selling it itself.

Long-life battery

From today, however, that all changes with the news that ¥100,000 (£475) will secure ordinary customers an A4 FLEPia direct from Fujitsu.

That revelation, which comes from a Japanese newspaper, is sure to interest rivals that are currently still mired in greyscale technology for their e-books.

Customers will likely be drawn to the Wi-Fi connection and 50-hour battery life that comes courtesy of a reflective screen that needs no backlight.