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Video: HTC One meets HTC One Mini

Video: HTC One meets HTC One Mini
HTC One vs HTC One Mini - what's the difference?

The HTC One Mini revealed itself to the world this week and while it may look pretty much identical to its big brother, the HTC One, there are some key differences between the two.

Some people out there don't really see the point of these "mini" smartphones - especially as they're not exactly small in size - but the success of the Galaxy S3 Mini last year, along with a burgeoning middle market, means there's method in the mini madness.

Now instead of us telling you the differences between the two, we sent both handsets to the TechRadar laboratory where our egg-head professors were able to splice their souls into a couple of spare humans they had lying around, so they could tell their own story.

The result? Well just hit the play button on the video below and find out what happened when Mini met One.

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