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Samsung's second Android phone leaks out

The InstinctQ gets snapped
The InstinctQ gets snapped

Samsung hasn't managed to release its i7500 Galaxy phone over in the UK just yet, but the next Android phone in line has already popped up.

The new InstinctQ has surfaced in pictures on Phandroid, showing a touchscreen handset with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The model shown is running on Sprint in the US, where it has apparently already passed the necessary accreditation, and is probably to be marketed under the Samsung US Instinct brand.

It looks like it has a number of touch sensitive front 'Android buttons' to go with the slide out keyboard, and an optical pad instead of the easy-to-break trackball.

Variation - spice of life etc

Sadly we don't have all the specs on this one, nor any confirmation it will be heading to the UK. But while the Instinct range is solely for the US market, variations have made their way to our shores.

For instance, the original Instinct appeared to be very similar to the F490, which performed fairly well over here.

So given Samsung's clear intent to be the new Android boy on the block after HTC has flooded the market, it's not that unlikely that the InstinctQ will be re-branded and on our shores before the year is out.

That's assuming the phone isn't subject to delays, of course.

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