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Samsung loses another patent case against Apple

Samsung loses another patent case against Apple
Samsung - frowny face

It's not going too well for Samsung over in the German courts, where the second of three patent suits it brought against Apple has been rejected.

The blow comes just a week after the courts kicked its first patent complaint to the kerb, with both complaints relating to the 3G UMTS wireless telecommunications standard.

The ruling may have come as a bit of a surprise to Samsung, as IP expert Florian Mueller notes that this second case looked fairly promising at the relevant hearings back in November 2011.


The hearing to decide the fate of the third patent is set for 2 March, so Samsung has a bit of time to pick itself back up and brush itself off before it heads back to court.

As well as technical shenanigans like 3G standards, Samsung is also suing Apple over a patent relating to how one enters smileys on a mobile device.

You know, the really important stuff.

From Reuters