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Samsung Galaxy S5 has a hidden baby monitor feature for Gear watch owners

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a hidden baby monitor feature for Gear smartwatch owners
Great news for sad babies

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could become the smartphone of choice for parents with young children after a hidden baby monitor app was discovered within the phone's settings.

When digging through the accessibility menus, the Soyacincau site found a baby crying detector, which listens out for infant unrest when placed around a metre away from the child.

If the phone picks anything up, it'll send parents wearing one of the company's Gear smartwatches a vibrating alert.

Of course, the feature will require Galaxy S5 owners to leave their flash new Android phone in another room in order to make use of the baby monitor feature as, sadly, slapping a smartwatch on the little ankle biter doesn't have the same effect.

No substitute

When switching on the feature Samsung warns parents it is intended as a patenting aid, "not a substitute for human care."

That's for those parents who, you know, expected their S5 to pick up their offspring, bring it a bottle, nurse it back to sleep and sing it a pleasant lullaby.

What other hidden delights sit within Samsung's new flagship device? We'll have a full review for you in the coming days.

Via Gizmodo