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Huawei Honor first with Ice Cream Sandwich update

Huawei Honor first with Ice Cream Sandwich update
Ice Cream Sandwich Honor bestowed on Huawei

Huawei has got the jump on Samsung and HTC users, being the first to roll out the Ice Cream Sandwich update on its Huawei Honor handset.

The Honor is the first third party, Android-toting handset to receive the new 4.0 update, deliciously named Ice Cream Sandwich, less than one month after the API being released to developers by Google.

The update has only been released as a "demo build", but this is still way ahead of the leading Android manufacturers.

Ice cool new features

Only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google's flagship handset, shares the 'honor' of running the newest version.

Plucky Huawei Honor will be greeted with a fresh new look, an update on the Android Honeycomb system for tablets and cool new features like a face-unlock system, and an improved folder system and multi-tasking pane.

You can find out all the new features appearing in Ice Cream Sandwich in our full review.

Fingers crossed this wakes up other manufactures to get a move on and release Ice Cream Sandwich for their handsets sooner rather than later.

From Huawei (translated) via Engadget