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J'accuse! HTC hurls sabotage shot at Samsung

HTC: Samsung is using component supplies as a 'competitive weapon'
HTC and Samsung's relationship appears to have soured

Samsung has been using its dominant position in the mobile component business to harm rivals, according to a senior HTC official.

Jack Tong, the president of HTC North Asia, has reportedly said Samsung "strategically declined" to supply his company with the AMOLED displays that had featured in 2010's brilliant HTC Desire handset.

According to the Focus Taiwan report, Tong accused Samsung of using components as a "competitive weapon" to sabotage companies it sees as a threat to its market-leading position in Android devices.

"We found that key component supply can be used as a competitive weapon," he said.

Keeping it local

Tong said that since Samsung's change of heart, HTC and other Taiwanese companies such as Acer and Asus have sought to keep mobile component makers working in the country to ensure a good supply.

He also said those companies are attempting to persuade foreign parts manufacturers to relocate to Taiwan in order to lower manufacturing costs.

The report follows plenty of speculation that Apple is actively looking to move away from Samsung as a content supplier as a result of the pair's endless legal battles.

TechRadar asked HTC for further comment and will update this story if and when a response is forthcoming.

Via AppleInsider