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HTC planning own mobile OS to rival Apple?

HTC wants to create its own mobile OS?
HTC wants to create its own mobile OS?

HTC could be planning its own mobile phone operating system, according to reports.

Cheng Hui-ming, Chief Financial Officer for HTC, told Bloomberg that the company was looking at such an issue.

When speaking about whether the company would ever build its own mobile OS, Hui-ming said: "We continue to assess, but that requires a few conditions to justify."

"There are many multiple factors to be considered together, rather than a simple statement as to own or not to own [its own smartphone platform]."

Taking on Apple

The benefit of having its own mobile operating system for HTC is obvious - it would be able to compete with the likes of Apple and RIM by controlling the user experience from start to finish.

That said, HTC has benefited from its close ties with Android and Windows Mobile, so to launch its own OS might destabilise those relationships.

The company is also rumoured to be among the front-runners to buy Palm, which recently was revealed to be up for sale, although Hui-ming declined to comment on whether a bid would be put forward.

From Bloomberg