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Google Nexus One Phone shown in 5min video

Google's new phone only a little larger than the Hero
Google's new phone only a little larger than the Hero

The Nexus One Google Phone – possibly the worst kept secret of all time – has been shown off AGAIN – this time in an in-depth video.

The new phone, which is likely to debut in January, has been shown off to all in the five minute walk through, and shown off compared to other devices as well.

The video doesn't really give us a huge amount of information other than the Nexus One is going to be rocking the 'normal' Android interface, although there are some nice tweaks to keep the enthusiasts happy.

Google without Flash

There's an upgraded weather widgets, with some lovely scrolling elements, and the aforementioned five home screens to plonk icons onto.

The vid also appears to be showing an improved list of widgets, with Google obviously getting involved on the customisation side of things there.

The bad news – the phone definitely doesn't have multi-touch or Flash video playback in its current state, two things that would have been key weapons in the inevitable war with the iPhone.

We were hopeful they would turn up, given that the Hero is rocking them, but still – there's time before the release, so we remain in hope.

Via Engadget