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Oppo F1 vs Lenovo Vibe S1: The battle of camera phones

With the Oppo F1 just going official with a brilliant set of cameras earlier today, it's only fair for fans and prospective buyers to draw comparisons with other devices. One such device is the Lenovo Vibe S1, which has been a very popular device in the Rs 15,000 segment and has been available for quite some time now.

While the Oppo handset boasts of a superior front-facing camera with its f/2.0 8MP camera, the Vibe S2 has a unique dual camera arrangement on the front, with an 8MP and 2MP sensor respectively. While the 8MP sensor here does all the work, the 2MP camera senses the depth of field, which in theory is pretty similar the 'Duo Camera' from the HTC One M8.

Both devices are priced at just under Rs 16,000, which should make the comparison quite interesting. If there's one area where the Oppo variant excels, it's with regards to availability as the smartphone is not an exclusive from any retailer. The Vibe S1, on the other hand, can only be purchased from Amazon India.

Will this work in Oppo's favour? Read on for the complete hardware specifications of the two mid-ranged beasts.

As you can tell by the hardware alone, the Vibe S1 is clearly the better device here in practically every area we can think of. The Oppo F1, however, scores some points for having a marginally bigger battery and a newer version of Android on board. Barring that, the Lenovo Vibe S1 hands down wins this comparison in the display and storage departments.

The Vibe S1 has a bottom facing speakers (a la iPhone 6) while the Oppo F1 comes with a standard rear facing speakers, which can block out any sound from the device if placed on a flat surface. The two devices are pretty much on par as far as selfie performance is concerned and both manufacturers have added a bundle of selfie-friendly features to make the experience pleasurable for the users.