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Windows Vista 'like swiss cheese' apparently

Nero 8 features a refined user interface

Windows Vista is like swiss cheese, according to the marketing guys at Nero. Marketing Manager Oliver Kentschke and Application Engineer Damir Danic came to the offices to demonstrate the company's new Nero 8 suite today.

While talking about why Nero was still relevant to Windows Vista buyers, Kentschke said that Windows Vista was like swiss cheese. "It's delicious, but it has a lot of holes in it. We want to fill these holes."

Plugging holes in Windows Vista

"There are plenty of versions of Vista," continued Kentschke, referring to the scope for the new suite. Nero 8 boasts a simplified user interface as a result of extensive user surveys and testing.

Like its competitor Roxio Easy Media Creator 10, the new software also has the ability to recover data from damaged discs as well as Windows Gadgets for quick tasks such as CD burning. Nero 8 will also upload videos directly to YouTube as well as Nero's own online community.