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Switzerland: The iPhone is coming and it's colourful

The iPhone
Shiny aluminium not good enough for you eh?

The news from the groove (or this Google translated site) is the 3G iPhone is going to hit the shops in June this year, with a variety of flavours to choose from.

The main talking point is the appearance of the 32GB version, and it will be available in white, silver and black.

Colour matters…apparently

However the 16GB version, which will become the entry level iPhone, is only available in black, thus inciting those fashion conscious Apple lovers to fork out a bit more to be the most Jobs-ilicious.

The 16GB will be cost CHF 659 (£322), and the 32GB version - which will mirror the capacity of the top-level iPod Touch - coming in at CHF 699 (£390), when taken with two year contracts.

Hopefully that’s just Switzerland putting a huge premium on the devices, otherwise nearly 400 quid for the 32GB for nearly two years - when a new version would clearly be released in that time - might be a little too much for customers to afford.