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iPhone comics app arrives

Comics on your iPhone
Comics on your iPhone

If words are all too much after a hard day's work, how about flicking through the latest comics on your iPhone?

Clickwheel's latest comic reader allows you to do just that – with a free app available now on iTunes.

Unfortunately the comics aren't free – but the app does allow you to get the comics direct from the ClickWheel site on the fly without having to sync with your computer.

2000 AD

First up for the UK audience is classic 2000 AD which is available on demand right now although TechRadar is wondering if video on demand is VOD, does that make comics on demand COD?

Clickwheel's Creative Director Will Simons said, "Clickwheel has been at the forefront of digital comics for many years and the Apple iPhone is the perfect platform for great premium content, giving everyone the flexibility to enjoy comics - from old favourites to cutting edge social commentary - anytime, anywhere."