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Orange Tahiti budget Android 3.2 tablet launches

Orange Tahiti budget Android 3.2 tablet launches
Orange Tahiti - not very exotic, really

Orange has unveiled a cheap and cheerful 7-inch Android Honeycomb tablet named the Orange Tahiti.

Orange is hoping you'll be lured in by the tablet's low initial outlay, pricing it at £69.99 up front, followed by £25 a month for 24-months (a lifetime cost of £669.99).

For your money, you get a 7-inch TFT screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 5MP camera, Bluetooth and, of course, 3G.

The 3G comes in at 1GB of anytime data, 1GB of "quiet time data" (from midnight to 4pm) and Wi-Fi hotspot access every month.

Not so slim jim

With a waist-size of 10.5mm, it's not the slimmest tablet around, but it does come with six hours of working battery life (according to Orange), 6GB of RAM and Android Honeycomb.

The Orange Tahiti looks slightly less alluring than the images that its cocktailesque name conjures up with a hefty bezel and a rather by-numbers design.

Orange has found plenty of success in launching its own-branded Android smartphones, so it's no great surprise to see the company follow suit in the tablet arena.

In fact, you can buy the Tahiti bundled with the impressive Orange San Francisco II for £41 per month, which gets you a little more data to boot.