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Amazon gifting Android, Kindle app credit to its Appstore users this week

Free Android apps
You don't even have to sell your soul to Milhouse

Amazon made a whole lot of money this Christmas, but it's not being a Scrooge by hoarding all of its riches. Instead, it's giving back to users of the Amazon Appstore this week.

The retailers announced that from now until December 28, users who download anything from its app store will be rewarded with $5 credit (about £3.06, AU$5.60) toward a future app purchase.

We confirmed that this deal for Android and Kindle device users applies to customers worldwide by logging into and making any app purchase there.

"For our international customers, they can get the $5 credit if they download an app from the Amazon Appstore via," a company spokesperson told TechRadar today.

Free apps for the holidays

In addition to running this four-day promotion, the online retailer is highlighting its "free app of the day" section that benefits both Android and Kindle owners.

Angry Birds Star Wars II and Doodle Farm are among the popular apps that don't cost any money for 24 hours one day this week. And, yes these are the full, paid version of the games.

It's good timing since these free apps fulfill the requirement to earn that promotion credit, as long as it's done before December 29.

Not a bad deal. You get a free app and credit toward another paid app in the future. Amazon gets to remind you that its Google Play store alternative still exists.

Matt Swider

US Editor-in-Chief

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