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Korean police raid Google's Seoul offices

Street View - not Google's finest hour
Street View - not Google's finest hour

Google's Korean offices have been raided by the police who suspected that the company was collecting and storing data on "unspecified internet users from Wi-Fi networks"

With the Street View furore yet to die down, the company has faced anger from many governments over the collection of Wi-Fi data without permission – something it has insisted is an error.

But police in Seoul have followed that up with a raid on the offices, with the BBC reporting that hard drives were seized in the raid.


"[We] have been investigating Google Korea on suspicion of unauthorised collection and storage of data on unspecified internet users from Wi-Fi networks," the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) said in a statement.

Google has insisted that it will not stand in the way of any further investigation and will co-operate fully with the authorities.

The company has already apologised for what it insists was an inadvertent error in seizing unsecured Wi-Fi details whilst touring around countries for its Street View data.