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Warner plans to halt ailing DVD sales

Straight-to-DVD movies aren’t anything new but Warner is trying a different stance in stopping the ailing home entertainment market.

The company’s latest big-budget movie Watchmen, a film adaptation of the successful Alan Moore graphic novel, is being released in cinemas in March. To coincide with this release, a DVD entitled Tales Of The Black Freighter will hit shelves. This is a tie-in movie made by


’s director Zack Snyder whose last movie, 300, was one of the most successful Warner releases of recent years.

Re-evaluating commitment

Speaking about the movie tie-in, Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video said: "There is a fear that if the DVD category declines over time that any well-run retailer is going to re-evaluate its commitment.

“We are offering retailers a meaningful opportunity to be involved with the theatrical event, to have a product that will generate foot traffic and sales."

Warner is the number one seller of DVDs, so it’s no wonder the company is concerned about ailing sales, especially as Blu-ray sales, for the UK and America at least, have been far from impressive.

Director Snyder believes that his film will generate at least three different DVDs: Tales Of The Black Freighter; The Watchmen; and an ultimate edition presumably containing both movies.