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Google Play rewarded products makes it easier to earn in-game loot by watching ads

Image Credit: Google (Image credit: Google)

Watching ads in-game on your Android smartphone is about to get more beneficial, as Google has launched its rewarded products feature which allows developers to give you goodies in return for a few seconds of your time.

Writing in an Android Developers Blog post, Patrick Davis, Product Manager at Google Play, explains "Our first rewarded product offering will be in a video format. Users can elect to watch a video advertisement and upon completion be rewarded with virtual goods or in-game currency."

In short, rewarded products makes it easier for developers to include ad-based monetizable actions in their apps, which should result in a more seamless experience for you - the player.

On the flip side, this could mean you see more prompts to watch ads in-game, as it becomes easier for developers to include the functionality.

Google Play rewarded products is available to developers right now, so we expect to see the new functionality hit apps and games in the near future.

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Via TechCrunch