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Google Assistant comes to Marshall’s Stanmore II and Acton II speakers

Building on its comprehensive line up of amp-inspired speakers, Marshall has launched two new versions of the Stanmore II and Acton II voice speakers – this time with Google Assistant built in instead of Amazon Alexa. 

The Stanmore II Voice with Google Assistant is available for $399.99 / £349.99, while the smaller Acton II Voice model costs $299.99 / £269.99 – neither the Google Assistant nor the Alexa models are available yet in Australia, however, Australian customers can get their hands on the Bluetooth versions of the speakers.

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The integration with Google Assistant means you can play and control your music hands free using voice controls, as well as build a multi-room system with other Google Assistant- or Chromecast-supporting devices. 

Making your smart home cool

Not only that, but if you have other Google Assistant-powered smart devices in your home, you can use the Stanmore II and Acton II Voice with Google Assistant to control your smart home, whether you’re adjusting your thermostat or switching off the lights at the end of the day.

Like the Alexa versions of the speakers, the Stanmore II and Acton II have a built in far-field microphone array that can pick up your voice from across the room, as well as class D amplifiers and custom-tuned drivers for a powerful, rocking sound. 

With all that audio tech packed in, they should sound fantastic and look good with that retro rose gold finish and amp-style design.